A few participants of the kingdom’s boxing community knew their mentor become a loss of life.

His call changed into Bill Ahern, and he made a primary impact on these hard men without ever throwing a punch at them. They knew Ahern, a lifelong smoker had lung most cancers. They knew he wanted help getting in and out of the auto for his physician’s appointments. And they knew that when Ahern turned into long past, one of the maximum important figures related to this game – a mixture of brutality and finesse – could be misplaced.

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So they went to the Foothills of Warner for breakfast, invited through Ahern’s longtime friend and fellow instructor Cameron Ford of Hopkinton. They sat at a desk, hid in the back of menus, and after Ahern had taken a seat – instructed by using Ford there was no vicinity to sit down and they’d need to share a table with strangers – they lowered their menus and gave their vintage mentor a love faucet with the force of a left hook.

“He becomes smiling like crazy,” Ford advised me this week with the aid of telephone. “He had no idea.”

Ahern died Sunday at the age of eighty, eight days after that very last meal with combatants whom he had helped to recognize their anger, shifting it from the streets to the ring.

They preferred this opportunity to say good-bye, due to the fact they appreciated what Ahern had carried out for them, the rides to arenas, the education, the health club space, the system, the natural love for the game and the natural concern he had for those who joined his stable on the Capital Area Boxing Club returned in the ’90s.

“He had a way about him,” Ford stated. “People relied on him and he by no means asked for something in go back. Some kids did no longer have first-rate garments and he’d find something for them. He helped so lots of the one’s youngsters.”

People like Ahern, Ford and the overdue Dave Gates of Belmont might not allow beginner boxing soak up a knockout punch. Let’s face it, the Granite State isn’t exactly acknowledged for its wealthy boxing history. Not like hockey and snowboarding or even baseball.

Ahern became a light-weight newbie boxing champion inside the Nineteen Sixties, when the New England Golden Gloves and Silver Mitten’s tournaments drew massive crowds, primarily in Lowell, Mass., and Vermont, in cramped, smoky arenas with the gritty sense of a black-and-white movie.

He becomes a skinny fighter with a dynamite right hand and short ft, in step with one in all his sons, Bruce Ahern, of Loudon.

“He would try to teach me his fashion, however, he turned into greater of a boxer-puncher and I favored to be extra of a slugger,” Bruce stated.

He was also a romantic son-of-a-gun who went to first-rate lengths to marry, in line with his obit, his “first-class pal.”

“My mom changed into 20 and my dad became sixteen, so he ends high school so she wouldn’t find out he changed into still in high school,” said Jeanne Duford, one among Ahern’s two daughters. “They went to get the wedding license and he stated they had to select up his mom so she could signal it. That’s whilst she found out how vintage he changed into.”

From there, Ahern went returned to high school at night time, incomes his GED and university diploma before becoming a leisure therapist on N.H. State Hospital. He taught his five kids to continually, constantly, get off the canvas after a knockdown, in no way quit.

So when Duford became suffering personal troubles that caused first-rate stress in her lifestyles, she recalled what her father had always preached to her. Something about sturdiness. Something about resiliency. She’s now a psychology professor at New Hampshire Technical Institute, after working with trauma victims as a psychotherapist.

She credits her father with supporting her get lower back on course, telling me, “He instilled in us to fight and never give up, so I did what he did, went to high school nights at the same time as running fulltime and (elevating) 3 youngsters.”

Ahern, who lived most of his life in Concord but later moved to Hopkinton, had a mild facet, frequently quiet and tender spoken. But whilst you’re a boxer, something burns interior you, something harsh and disciplined and simply plain difficult.

Ahern educated his past due son, regularly driving at the back of at the same time as Bill Jr. Ran, pushing him, making him reach his ability, irrespective of how hard the assignment. Duford stated someone once referred to as the cops, wondering a father is probably abusing his son.

Duford experienced this side of her father as a teen, this dichotomy of worlds – mild and strict – crashing together.

“Boxers might say they loved him, however, I could not stand him,” Duford said. “When the endurance gene was passed out, he didn’t get one. He desired us to be our nice.”

She persisted: “He did now not need all and sundry to understand, but he was a real teddy bear. He would cry on the drop of a hat. If he heard something awful took place (to one in all his boxers), he could experience over to assist them.”

He opened a pair of gyms, one at the state medical institution and later in Concord with Ford. Through the years, boxing and its painful essence helped Ahern deal with an exceptional form of ache, greater acute, extra unfavorable, after taking an initial destroy from the sport.

He lost son, Bill Jr., to a motorbike coincidence and his spouse, Elaine, to lung ailment, prompting Ford to inform me, “He still tried to enjoy existence. A lot of instances he becomes not satisfied. He ignored his wife extraordinarily, and his son changed into a part of the motive he changed into not going to the gymnasium.”

Eventually, Ahern became one of the faces of boxing inside the kingdom, a cornerman and instructor and motivator at a time when the New Hampshire Boxing Commission changed into in a strength war with USA Boxing New England.

That driven the game right here into the background, forcing boxers to fight independently, without their domestic state emblazoned on their trunks or robe.

When New Hampshire boxers traveled to fight, Ahern became there, driving the van, and once they needed to educate, he changed into there, too, providing the device and the gymnasium and the encouragement to younger humans with police records and nicknames like Mad Dog.

One of his boxers, Arthur Overlock of Danbury, declined to talk about his past because he desired the focus to remain on his antique trainer and buddy. He grew up in Danbury and works on the county prison in Boscawen. He said he owes Ahern loads.

“A super mentor,” Overlock said. “We would go to the Golden Gloves in Vermont and he might power there and commit his time and he could open the gym on Saturdays just for us. He turned into just a guy who desired to assist human beings.”

His dating with Ford grew over time as each man committed themselves to troubled teens, retaining them in taking a look at, coaching them field.

He and Ford would sing Karaoke on Friday nights. They’d meet on the dump Saturday mornings, then exit for breakfast. That’s why Ahern suspected not anything earlier this month, whilst Ford counseled they consume at the Foothills of Warner.

Overlock and four others showed up, a collection of difficult-boiled eggs with tough backgrounds and a tender spot for their mentor, who via then wished a cane and help moving inside and out of a car.

They concealed their faces in the back of menus. They waited for the pair to settle into their chairs. Then they reduced their menus and greeted Ahern, catching him absolutely off guard.

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