The circle of relatives of a lady killed biking in London say they have got recognized the female they accused of pretending to be the victim’s relative for you to oppose new covered cycle lanes in London.

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Eilidh Cairns, a 30-yr-antique TV manufacturer from Alnwick in Northumberland, was killed with the aid of a tipper truck in Notting Hill within the borough of Kensington and Chelsea in 2009.

On Monday, Eilidh’s mom, Heather Cairns, wrote to the chief of the council to ask her to find the girl who became “masquerading as the aunt of Eilidh Cairns” at a public meeting approximately an arguably new cycling scheme on thirteen June.

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After the Guardian published extracts of the letter, the family managed to track down the girl. She is a non-blood, a remote relative they insist they have got never met and whom Eilidh would no longer have recognized either.

They had been at the start advised the female had claimed to be Eilidh’s aunt, however, after being attentive to a patchy recording of the assembly it seems like she virtually claimed to be a “relative”.

Kate Cairns, Eilidh’s sister, a road protection campaigner and an advisor on managing road protection hazard, said the lady mispronounced Eilidh’s name. She transcribed the recording and says the girl stated: “It’s hard for me not to be emotional due to the fact Elodie [sic] Cairns become a relation of mine and I absolutely disagree with this scheme …

“It’s going to be dangerous and I’m sure Elodie [sic] could be very dissatisfied with the very concept of any such stupid idea coming ahead.”

At that meeting, Kensington and Chelsea’s council stated it’d be opposing the scheme, which would introduce pedestrian crossings and install covered motorcycle routes alongside a number of inner London’s greater dangerous roads, inclusive of Notting Hill Gate and Shepherd’s Bush. It became being deliberate through the workplace of the London mayor, Sadiq Khan, and Transport for London (TfL) but the neighborhood authority had an powerful veto because it might run on council roads.

Kate Cairns said the girl in question used her sister’s call “to offer credence and authenticity to her personal personal perspectives”, which she insisted were “completely opposite and conflicting to the ones of all Eilidh’s own family and all of her near buddies”.

She stated: “[The woman’s] own non-public perspectives are robust and scathing in opposition to a scheme which might have stored Eilidh’s life. [She] has been opportunistic and exploitative in claiming to be a ‘relative’ in an effort to deceive and manage the ones present by implying closeness and connection with the own family but a) she does not even realize the way to pronounce Eilidh’s name b) she has never met Eilidh, nor me c) she isn’t always regarded to my mom, Eilidh or me and d) she is not in contact with Eilidh’s near own family and indeed did now not inform us about the assembly, nor that she changed into making plans to wait.”

She brought: “One would expect someone so upset and living so near when the circle of relatives are to date to perhaps have laid flowers on Eilidh’s birthday, and death day. We have by no means heard from her, ever, regardless of public celebrations, own family meetings and memorial motorcycle rides at the spot of Eilidh’s crash.”

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