A police officer in Texas was given a suspected crook off the streets last week thanks to a collection of excellent Samaritans, which includes one that put a stop to a foot chase with the aid of literally tackling the man.

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The Lewisville Police Department stated on Facebook the incident occurred on June 22 as Officer Jeff Carey noticed a person rummaging thru a vehicle that turned out to be stolen. As Carey got out of his car to method the person, he began running and were given away.

About two hours later, police stated Carey noticed the suspect outdoor an eating place and jumped out of his car to take after him walking.


The foot chase was noticed by way of Michael Barrera, who’d returned to the restaurant after having breakfast with family while his sister forgot something there. The former rugby player advised FOX4 the possibility to help out just supplied itself to him.“I played quite a few rugby in my days, you understand, I’m a little older now, I nevertheless were given little wheels,” Barrera advised FOX4. “It’s like a rugby ball, move after it. You recognise the sport ain’t over ‘til it is over.”

Carey said as he turned into chasing the suspect, he noticed a “blur” on his left facet, which turned out to be Barrera tackling the suspect.

“As quickly as I put the handcuffs on the suspect, my mind is going immediately to my vehicle,” Carey stated.Authorities said way to the help of the three guys; they were capable of getting better a stolen car and arrest the suspect, who become charged with two counts of evading arrest.

“We agree within community policing, and these three guys exemplify how working together can assist hold our network safe,” the branch said. “Thank you for being our other Brothers in Blue and our Green Guardian.”

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