The president of the Japanese Olympic Committee is resigning. Tsunekazu Takeda stated on Tuesday he’ll depart office on the stop of his term in June. He also introduced plans to surrender from the International Olympic Committee. Takeda denied accusations of corruption in opposition to him. French officials positioned him below investigation the last yr for suspected corruption inside the town of Tokyo’s effort to maintain the 2020 Summer Olympics. Speaking to newshounds Tuesday, Takeda said, “I don’t consider I even have done something illegal.” The French investigation has had an influence on the manner a few human beings examine the Tokyo 2020 Games. Japan is spending at the least $20 billion to arrange the occasion, which opens on July 24, 2020. Tokyo’s Olympics described because the ‘Robot Games’ These Summer Olympics can also emerge as known as the “Robot Games.” Last Friday, organizers confirmed off robots with a purpose to be used to offer help for people the usage of wheelchairs. Tokyo Olympic reputable Masaaki Komiya noted that Japan is known for its robotic era. He said that the 2020 video games are an amazing place to reveal off. “Robots must no longer overwhelm humans,” stated Komiya, the vice director well known to the Tokyo Olympics. “Robots are something that has an amicable courting with people and might paintings together.” The robots are merchandise of Toyota Motor Corporation. Toyota officers stated that sixteen of what they knew as “human support robots” could be used on the National Stadium. Five other “delivery guide robots” will also be available. At a media occasion closing week, Panasonic Corporation confirmed off it’s “energy help” clothing. When worn, the garments are designed to help the back and help the character carrying them elevate heavy gadgets. Panasonic said 20 of these fits may be used on the Olympics. They should help visitors sporting their property and with different lifting duties.

At the Olympics, “humans in the international can be able to understand how (ahead) Japan is in terms of robotic technology,” stated Hideyo Hirata. He is the head of era offerings for the Tokyo Olympics. Yoshifumi Uchida is preferred supervisor of Panasonic’s Paralympic department. He stated its energy assist apparel era turned into developed partially because of Japan’s aging populace. The apparel may want to assist get greater ladies and older humans into the working populace. “When you’re wearing a suitcase or a heavy box, this is in which (it) will become valuable,” he said. He stated the suits would additionally be used far away from the Olympic activities in “associated centers and airports.” The fits are powered through batteries. Battery lifestyles is ready 4 hours. The clothes gives the wearer the ability to raise about 10 kilograms greater with the same quantity of energy. I’m Susan Shand. The Associated Press pronounced this tale. Susan Shand tailored it for Learning English. The editor became George Grow. Write to us within the Comments Section or on our Facebook page. _______________________________________________________________
Words in This Story overwhelm – v. To have an effect on (a person) very strongly amicable – adj. Displaying a pleasant preference to avoid disagreement and argument stadium – n. A sports center department – n. A department of a central authority or enterprise facility – n. A building or other item set up to serve a purpose battery – n. A device that is placed internal a device (consisting of a clock, toy, or car) to deliver it with electricity
I am disappointed that there will be bad things around Tokyo Olympic. I will by no means be excited 2020 summer. Many Japanese did not neglect that Nagano wintry weather Olympic. That changed into suspected of bribes like Tokyo Olympic.

Japan’s Olympics Committee side intends to finish bribery issue with this resignation most effective. However, it is not enough as penalty or deterrent against bribery regardless of Olympic Charter violations. Japan’s Olympics Committee who has concluded that “this isn’t always unlawful” with independency-much less self-survey best, and tried to defend Takeda may be very incorrect to Olympics. And, All mainstream media of Japan who did no longer even criticize it’s far like accomplices. Part of Japanese media has insisted that “Resignation via unjust pressure from foreign places”.Related people of JOC have insisted that “Mr.Takeda is a victim”. All mainstream media of Japan had repeated to beautify Olympics 2020 every day, then again, by no means mention inconvenient records and dirty facets about the Olympics. Olympics’ beneficiaries of Japan like them have an interest, not anything however Olympic commercial enterprise.

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