LOS ANGELES — Mick Cronin currently sat in his Santa Monica dwelling room, toes up and cigar in mouth, the Pacific Ocean visible via a window and the NBA playoffs airing on a massive TV in his new digs.

Relaxing? Not simply.

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“I simply sent this photograph to a recruit,” he stated of the beachside selfie. “He got a kick out of that.”

Cronin’s new rental is an advanced area to the on-campus inn wherein he resided in the course of his first weeks at the activity strolling the winningest software in university basketball records. But Cronin may not be living right here lengthy. His 12-yr-vintage daughter, Sammi, could be shifting to town this summertime, and she or he has been scouring the actual estate apps.

After Darlene Taylor and Cronin divorced a decade in the past, Taylor vowed to make certain their daughter had each dad and mom in her existence. They could share custody of Sammi, who has become a fixture at practices and round her father’s office at Cincinnati.

Sammi’s the cause Cronin hadn’t critically considered preceding offers to depart Cincinnati. Then UCLA referred to as urging Cronin to question whether or not all of the transferring elements of his life could align for this kind of notable possibility.

“I became in no way leaving without my daughter, so there is handiest so many places wherein Darlene could have come with me,” Cronin stated. “We weren’t going to split. Even here, we will get locations close to each different due to the fact that’s just how we do things. We’re ‘the Ozzie and Harriet of divorce,’ or whatever you want to name it. So wherein might she have long gone? Very few locations.”

Taylor stated she changed into greatly surprised whilst Cronin is first known as approximately the opportunity, but she has lived in 9 states and the concept of raising their biracial daughter in L.A.’s various environment intrigued her. She agreed to move her life if UCLA provided him the job.

“A lot of people are searching at me like I’m crazy,” stated Taylor, a former Division I song and area athlete who has run a fitness and vitamins commercial enterprise in Cincinnati. “‘You’re transferring across the USA to your ex-husband?’ No, I’m moving throughout the united states of America for my daughter. I’m all approximately journey. Hopefully, it could be something incredible for me, too.”

Sammi and Darlene will arrive soon. Mick concedes his daughter will have a first-rate say inside the residence he chooses as his — their — permanent home. She already despatched him a listing of houses she had determined online, rating them in line with the paint color in the bedrooms.

“She’s old sufficient now where she’s been on Zillow,” Cronin stated. “I’m not allowed to do anything as a way as finding a house without her.”

But there are elements of the town he does not need her to look.

“Oh, she ain’t goin’ to Rodeo Drive,” he stated of the Beverly Hills strip regarded for its high-give up shops.

In addition to having the assist of Darlene and Sammi, Cronin’s recent medical scare factored into his selection-making. During the 2014-15 season, medical doctors discovered a mind aneurysm at some point of a checkup after Cronin had complained approximately severe headaches. He changed into diagnosed with arterial dissection. The demonstrative, emotional head educate was instructed he had to watch his blood pressure and get huge relaxation. He became compelled to miss the bulk of that season even as then-accomplice head instruct Larry Davis led the Bearcats to the second weekend of the NCAA event.

Cronin’s fitness scare also made an effect on his existence view. Moving to the seaside to train basketball at a mythical software? “C’ mon, why no longer?” he says he concept. “It’s not the equal while it is you,” Cronin said. “You understand you are now not going to stay for all time.”

Even after Cronin made up his thoughts, he nevertheless admitted to combined emotions in breaking the information to his seventy-seven-year-old father.

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