Lausanne’s Salle Métropole performed host to a ceremony on the eve of the one hundred and twenty-fifth anniversary of the IOC and the inauguration of its Olympic House. The rite attracted close to 1,000 visitors to the crimson carpet, which include IOC Members, individuals of the Council of the Association of National Olympic Committees (ANOC), International Sports Federations and representatives from the rights-retaining broadcasters. More than 70 Olympic champions and medallists who, all together, have won more than a hundred twenty-five medals at the Olympic Games, have been among them. Kristina Vogel, Darya Domracheva, Abhinav Bindra, Fernando González, Katarina Witt, James Tomkins, Felix Gottwald, Shelley Rudman, Vladislav Tretiak, Kirsty Coventry, Nadia Comaneci and Yuna Kim passed over the trophies for the gold trophy winners.

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.The Olympic Winter Games PyeongChang 2018 awards spanned 10 categories in total: Best Olympic Feature, Best Athlete Profile, Best On-Air Promotion, Best Olympic Digital Service, Best Olympic Programme, Best Documentary Film, Best Production Design, Best Innovation, Best Social Media Content/Production and Most Sustainable Operation. There was additionally the first-ever Olympic Golden Rings award for a Youth Olympic Games.

NBC gained gold in four classes, specifically the Best Olympic Feature, Best Olympic Digital Service, Best Olympic Programme and Best Documentary Film, while Discovery and Eurosport also obtained a quartet of gold trophies (for Best On-Air Promotion, Best Production Design, Best Innovation and Best Social Media Content/Production).

BBC Sport took home the Most Sustainable Operation and Best Feature at the Youth Olympic Games Buenos Aires 2018 awards; and NHK received the Best Athlete Profile class. There was a very sturdy contribution from rights-preserving broadcasters, with over seventy-five pieces of content submitted throughout the eleven categories.

IOC President Thomas Bach, who offered the awards for the Best Olympic Programme and the Best Innovation, said: “Broadcasters of the Olympic Games continue to produce innovative and compelling insurance that lets in the athletes’ achievements to stay on for all time. As we gather in Lausanne this week to have fun the inauguration of Olympic House, then a hundred and twenty-fifth anniversary of the IOC and the 134th IOC Session, it’s miles fitting that we honour the broadcasters’ valued contribution in the front of the biggest-ever Golden Rings Awards target audience.”

Figure skater and Olympic champion Yuna Kim, who offered the Best Olympic Programme award to NBC Sports Group, stated:” “I’m individually thrilled to look such a lot of athletes right here this night to relive the magic of their achievements at PyeongChang and Buenos Aires, and commend the distinction in broadcasting of the Olympic Games and Youth Olympic Games.”

Created in 1976, the Olympic Golden Rings is a prestigious global contest thru which the IOC seeks to promote and recognise excellence in tv broadcasting of the Olympic Games. The contest is organised every two years on the occasion of the Olympic Games and the Olympic Winter Games.CATEGORY – The Best Olympic Feature – Presented by using Nadia Comaneci and Gerardo Werthein

GOLD – NBC Sports Group – “Always Start with the Dreams”
Producers: Jim Bell, Mark Levy, Joe Gesue, Rebecca Chatman, Aaron Cohen, Matt Allen, Phil Parrish
SILVER – Globo TV – Brazil makes use of generation to enhance the bobsledding team for PyeongChang 2018
Producer: Guilherme Roseguini
BRONZE – BBC Sport – PyeongChang 2018 Opening Sequence
Producer: David Bouchard. VT Editor: Nick Perry

CATEGORY – The Best Athlete Profile – Presented by means of Ole Einar Björndalen and Kirsty Coventry

GOLD – NHK – “Road for Gold” Challenge with absolute solidarity – Women’s Team Pursuit
Producer: Yohei Ogura. Director: Naoki Nakagawa
SILVER – CBC – The Olympic Journey: Virtue & Moir – Roxanne (Video Sampler)
Producers: Trevor Pilling, Chris Irwin, Giorgio Saturnino, Nathalie Tedesco, Louis Saturnino. Director: Carlos Esteves
BRONZE – NBC Sports Group – Lindsey Vonn & Grandpa Don
Producers: Jim Bell, Mark Levy, Joe Gesue, Rebecca Chatman, Jack Felling, Brian Longenecker

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