Hundreds of acres of vacant land owned via the water resources branch near 3,255 dams in Maharashtra will now be spread out for tourism and improvement of recreational facilities.

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The coverage, which became clear in a country cabinet meeting on Tuesday, also lets in the privatization of guest houses, resthouses and bungalows near dams and reservoirs for tourism functions through a public-personal-partnership (PPP) version. This is a first-of-its-type coverage, as, up to now, improvement becomes restricted in those areas.

The water assets department has 138 huge dams, 255 medium and a pair of,862 minor dams, and each of them has open plots admeasuring 5 to four hundred acres. According to officers, those plots will now be used for water sports, cruising, windsurfing, entertainment park, and subject matter park.

“We have decided to comply with segment 18 and 19 and Irrigation Development Corporation Acts, 1997 (all 5 irrigation corporations of the kingdom have their personal acts) that allow efforts to promote tourism and water sports. Nobody took the initiative inside the beyond 22 years. We are going to observe the provisions,” said IS Chahal, foremost secretary, water assets branch.

The authorities will demarcate confined and controlled regions, wherein tourism centers may be evolved, with an eye fixed on safety close to dams and reservoirs. “The government has loads of acres of land reserved close to most important dams for future enlargement of the assignment, which will now be used to sell tourism sports,” Chahal said. “Across the world, dams are opened for tourism purposes. A living proof is the Hoover dam in the US. We will call for bids. We plan to allow bidders to take over the land, develop it, earn and proportion the sales with us.”

In August 2018, the state government formed a six-member committee headed by way of the executive director of the Tapi Irrigation Development Corporation and leader engineers of all 5 irrigation development corporations to put up a document on the difficulty. “The committee submitted a positive file in December 2018, following which the authorities have determined to move beforehand with the plan,” stated a senior reliable.

Chahal stated they have got 147 resthouses near dams and reservoirs, which could not be maintained for loss of renovation offers. The coverage will cope with the maintenance of those systems and generate employment for locals.

The nation will even observe the tourism coverage of states along with Rajasthan and Kerala to put together its gentle report.

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