Written in Japanese, Uchimura’s name consists of the kanji character for eight. “Hachi = 8 in Japanese,” the crew defined in a next tweet.

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Hachimura wore No. 21 at Gonzaga University in Spokane, Washington country, wherein he became a collegiate famous person over 3 seasons.

Speaking on the second day of the Wizards’ mini-camp on Wednesday, the group’s Summer League train Robert Pack gave his first impressions of Hachimura.

“Rui’s a guy that, you recognize, you can tell he is aware of the way to play. He has appropriate footwork, he desires to learn, he is asking questions,” said Pack, an assistant educate with the franchise.

“I experience precisely approximately him being able to pick out up a lot of the matters early on and be able to (take that) into Summer League.”

One of the issues with Uchimura’s recreation getting into the league is his ability to handle the basketball. When requested about his participant’s improvement in that place, Pack stated he is prepared to help.

“If I want to be the fellow to get with Rui to work on his ball coping with…It truly is sincerely an area that I work with loads and specialize in,” said Pack, a former point defend who spent thirteen seasons within the NBA.

“I’m positive I will sooner or later touch with him in phrases of ball dealing with and decision making.”

The Toyama Prefecture native, the 9th pick inside the NBA draft, is expected to feature closely for Washington at the NBA’s Summer League beginning next week in Las Vegas.

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