The World Martial Arts Masterships 2019 takes region on the Home Gymnasium in Chungju, South Korea from August 30 to September 6. The roster of the occasion includes over 20 disciplines. The sport of Muay Thai is featured at the software alongside Judo, Taekwondo, Kickboxing, Sambo, amongst others. “The maximum game authorities of Korea have given patronage to the occasion,” International Federation of Muaythai Amateur said. The list includes “Ministry of Foreign Affairs, The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, Korean Sports and Olympics, Korea Sports Promotion Foundation, Korea Tourism Organization, and Korean National Commission for UNESCO and plenty of others expressed their aid to the 2019 Chungju World Martial Arts Masterships.” “The honorary President of the Games, none other than the former Secretary General of the United Nations Mr. Ban Ki-moon is a wonderful honor for the occasion.” Muay Thai competitors will war it out of their respective weight classes within the layout of the single-removal tournament. The male class consists of seven divisions from 54 kg to 81 kg. Women’s Muay Thai functions 3 weight lessons from 51 kg to 60 kg. The 2019 Chungju World Martial Arts Masterships is the 8-day wearing fiesta following IFMA World Championships scheduled for July in Bangkok, Thailand. Arafura Games in Darwin, Australia kick off the 2019 Muay Thai season in April.

For grasp Vusi, martial arts has tons more to provide than just reasonably-priced thrills; consequently, he has made it his challenge to ensure South Africa offers the game the popularity it merits. In 2016, Vuyisile Colossa becomes ordained as a Mixed Martial Arts Master and The Highest of freestyle martial artist recipient through the Martial Arts Cultural Association of the syndicate of Top Ten. Not forgetting in 2014 he based the IMPI World Series with stay coverage from NowTV Sports, gaining the recognition as Hong Kong’s unique caged blended martial arts (MMA) event.

With so many accolades beneath his belt, it appears disrespectful to now not put “grasp” earlier than his call, even as additionally being dubbed The Cheetah with the aid of a commentator due to his velocity within the ring. He grew up watching kung fu films including Entering The Dragon in a small mining city in the Free State. “In number one faculty, you play around together with your pals doing karate moves. One day this man kicked me absolutely tough and I had this second wherein I decided that I need to discover ways to defend myself,” stated Vusi. In excessive college, Vusi did kickboxing and thereafter began competing at an amateur level. He got an award in Bloemfontein in which he changed into recognized professionally and his martial arts profession kicked off.
Vusi additionally moved without problems into MMA combating, which he saw as second nature, and debuted in 2010 in Macau as an MMA fighter and promoter. In 2008, Vusi moved to Hong Kong to paintings at a gym where his ability got noticed and his global career flourished. “A month in Hong Kong became 10 years,” stated Vusi.
He sees Hong Kong as being a playground for martial artists because the city has a record in martial arts and it just made sense to in addition his career as an expert fighter. Vusi also became a promoter for global events by using generating Asia’s first corporate fund-raising White Collar MMA Championship in 2012, whereby he converted businessmen which include bankers into real fighters. “I cherished being a promoter in Hong Kong, it also concerned quite a few charities, which made it so much greater profitable,” said Vusi. Vusi finds solace in being a promoter as he feels most professional opponents are not acknowledged as a great deal as they need to be, specifically in South Africa.
“I need to bridge the space among international and countrywide fighting. I want to construct a platform for South African blended martial arts,” stated Vusi. When it involves education, Vusi likes to run, however, does now not strain himself to teach to intensely. “I do what I feel like doing on that day, I do what I need and I do what I can. There can be some days while my body can’t cope with education. Some days I do yoga,” said Vusi. Vusi retired briefly in 2018, although he nevertheless continues to combat, but focuses on promoting martial arts and the game that incorporates it.

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